Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

End of Sophmore year

acrylic and gold on wood panel 2009

some older artwork

Patterned piece i later reworked- acrylic and marker on masonite
some other patterned pieces 2009
The "Accidentally took too much Adderall and made this in 3 hours"piece. It is about the size of a standard envelope. 2009-micron pen on wood
another small piece-2009-acrylic
Peacock- 2009- acrylic, marker on masonite
Untitled- 2009- Mixed media
close up of red lady- collage
- glass boxes from may 2009- cardboard, glass, flourescent light, paper, collage
some close ups

red ladies- Winter 2008- acrylic, collage
tree lady- spring 2009- acrylic
our lady 2- Fall 2008- acrylic, yarn
our lady - fall 2008- acrylic, embroidery, yarn
metallic nude- 2007- acrylic

I couldn't figure out how to rotate the images so many of them are a little cocked. try to figure out which ones are oriented improperly :)